Chapter 1-Start

Now there was a monkey who wanted peace and was a ninja so he fought in 5 wars but there was still war.

He fought in a 6th war and faced many things but with the help of his friends he was great!

Chapter 2-A new friend

Now the ninja's name was Alex and he had a friend named Betsy.

She was a Dart monkey and does not like the Big Bad Ape at all.

She wanted to fight for peace just like Alex!

Chapter 3-The Sniper

One day he met a friend named Cody

He was a Sniper and had infinte range and slow attack speed

Cody helped Alex many times!

Chapter 4-Spreading Tacks

One day he met a friend named Daisy

She was a Tack Shooter and was able to shoot 8 tacks and small range

Alex helped Daisy many times!

Chapter 5-Spike Traps

One day he met a friend named Edward

He was a Spike Trapper and was able to set up Road Spikes.

He set up many traps!